When the sun sets, our deejays enlighten the beach with the hottest tracks.
A smash hit party on Saturday the 27th of June is the icing on the cake!
What sounds better than dancing the night away after a heavy day of Beach Volley?

Beach Volley Lovers is much more than just a beach volleyball tournament.

It is the perfect start to your summer and the ultimate combination between sports, fun and music. Forget work, forget studying, forget to do lists. These two-days are all about creating an endless smile on the face of our visitors where making fun is a duty and work an absolute sin.

In this first edition we aim to give our visitors an all-round sensation. The natural elements of the location provide the perfect hide-out to forget about all your little first world problems and enjoy yourself surrounded by like-minded peers.

When the sun goes down, our beautiful greenbelt will change into an intimate festival setting. What sounds better than dancing at an open get-together with your feet strolling in the sand, stars sparkling under clear skies and your friends basking in the warmth of a lakeside bonfire?

Musically we aspire to bring you a well-curated yet balanced mix of commercial vs underground music, hard vs soft, local upcoming talent vs well established diggers.

Line-up still in progress but keep an eye on our social media pages or subscribe to our newsletter and we’ll keep you posted!